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BCEGA COVID-19 Rebate Program Application

  1. Business Qualification*
    Please confirm that your business has 50 or fewer employees and is not a box store or franchise.
  2. Please check which items you are seeking a rebate for (mark all that apply).*
  3. Combine receipts into a single pdf file for upload. Make sure each receipt shows the date of purchase, total expense, name of purchaser (where applicable) and any other details relevant to the program.
  4. Applicant Affirmation*
    By checking the box below, the applicant affirms that: A) The products and services purchased will be used for a business or organization physically located in Branch County B) The information submitted is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. C) I may need to submit additional information or explanations to help the review committee process the application. D) I understand all review committee decisions are final.
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