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Everything You Need to Know

Twice a year, the Coldwater Board of Public Utilities performs city-wide hydrant flushing. Hydrant flushing is vital to maintaining City operations and high quality of life for the residents in the City of Coldwater. This is because hydrant flushing ensures that the City's water distribution system is properly functioning; it makes sure that firefighters, businesses, and residents have access to a sufficient water flow. Hydrant flushing also improves water quality when iron and other mineral deposits are flushed from the water mains. 

When does hydrant flushing occur?

  • Hydrant flushing occurs twice a year - once in the Spring and once in the Fall. The dates for 2023 are: April 17 - April 21 and September 18 - September 22. 

What should I expect from hydrant flushing?

  • During hydrant flushing, residents may experience discoloration in their water and may notice reduced water pressure and flow. This is perfectly safe and normal. Residents should expect their water to completely return to its normal state by the end of the hydrant flushing week. If your water has not returned to its normal color, then, please call the CBPU at (517) 279-9531. Thank you. 

How can I prepare for hydrant flushing?

  • Although water is safe to use and consume during hydrant flushing, you may want to collect water (in pitchers before flushing) for your everyday use, including drinking and cooking. If you use water during hydrant flushing for tasks like dishwashing, laundry, or showering, you may experience discoloration/staining of your clothes or household items. Take the initiative and get your laundry and dishes done before hydrant flushing starts!

Where does hydrant flushing start?

  • Flushing will start with Ward 1, then 4, 2, and 3.

How long does hydrant flushing last?

  • City-wide hydrant flushing will last for a week. This allows our crew members to flush every hydrant.

Why is my water discolored?  Is the water safe?

  • Water is discolored because mineral deposits are being stirred up and flushed through the system. However, there are no health hazards associated with discolored water. The water is safe to use and consume during hydrant flushing, but it may stain laundry and other household items.

What should I do if my water is discolored?

  • If your water is discolored, slowly run cold water out of your faucet until the water becomes clear. You may have to do this several times before your water returns to its normal state. 

Does the City test the water? How often?

  • The City of Coldwater tests the water in accordance with the U.S. and Michigan Environmental Protection Agency Protocols. The water is tested as it leaves the plant and throughout the system regularly. Tests are also completed throughout the water treatment process. Your water is safe to use and consume. You can view a copy of the CBPU's annual water quality report here. This report is also located under the "Related Documents" header. 

What else should I know about hydrant flushing? 

  • We recommend doing laundry before and after crews have flushed hydrants in your area. Also, this is a good time to flush hot water heaters - improving the quality and efficiency. Motorists should use caution in and around areas where hydrant flushing is taking place. 

Want to know more? We haven't addressed your concerns?

  • Feel free to contact us at 517-279-9531.
  1. Brian Musselman

    Water, WRRF, & Telecommunication Superintendent

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