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Plume is a revolutionary Smart Home System controlled by an award-winning app. It’s time to change your relationship with your home Wi-Fi, forever.

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The Future of Wi-Fi is Here

Wi-Fi systems haven’t changed much over the years. They are prone to connectivity hiccups and interference from neighboring networks, resulting in poor connectivity and service drops. Plume HomePass is the first and only self-optimizing home Wi-Fi technology that removes these disruptions entirely. So go ahead, take a FaceTime call, stream your favorite 4K miniseries, and download the entire folder of vacation photos—all at the same time.

Consistent Connectivity That Adjusts To Your Habits

Through cloud-based technology powered by AI, Plume HomePass provides you with full-strength, uninterrupted connectivity. 

Our technology learns from your patterns, creating the best conditions for the network you need every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Plume?

Plume is the manufacturer of our self-optimizing Adaptive WiFi system for the home. Plume replaces the WiFi on your router or modem to provide fast, reliable WiFi in every inch of your home. With Plume’s HomePass, you receive unparalleled control over your guest and family’s access to the Internet. Plume’s AI Security provides robust protection of your devices as it continuously monitors them for suspicious activity.

How Does Plum Work?

Plume is powered by the cloud, which means it can adapt to real-life in real-time, ensuring that every room and every device has a reliable and fast connection now and into the future. We’ll help you determine the number of PowerPods you need for your home, then install the appropriate number of pods to ensure the best possible coverage. Our trained technicians will also help you download the Plume app on your smartphone, and assist you with setting up your devices.

What Is Plume Adaptive WIFI?

Plume Adaptive WiFi puts the brains of your WiFi system in the cloud, using beautiful pods that are installed throughout your home to serve as links to the Internet. Plume adapts in real-time to the devices and applications that are running in your home, delivering perfect WiFi, adapted to every experience. Plume uses a patented WiFi allocation system, providing you the highest amount of bandwidth compared to any other home WiFi solution.

Can I get Plume Without a Fiber Connection?

Unfortunately, no. We have only designed Plume HomePass to work on our fiber network.


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