Marihuana Establishment Applications

The City of Coldwater will begin accepting license applications on September 1, 2020, for locations in the D-2 Heavy Industrial District and on October 16, 2020, for locations in the C-4 General Business District.

Process to Apply for a City of Coldwater Marihuana Establishment License and Permit

1. Apply for and receive pre-qualification approval for the Establishment you plan to open in Coldwater from the State of Michigan.

2. Apply for City of Coldwater Municipal Marihuana License as set forth in City of Coldwater Ordinances Chapter 880. 

  1.  Applicant must complete Coldwater Marihuana Establishment License Application Part A
  2. The Applicant shall submit the completed application and fee to the City Clerk’s Office.
  3. If approved, the City Clerk shall issue a Provisional Municipal Marihuana License. The Final Municipal Marihuana License shall be issued when the Applicant obtains Marihuana Establishment Special Use Approval pursuant to City Zoning Ordinances and also the corresponding license issued by the state under the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act. 

3. Apply for and receive Marihuana Establishment Special Land Use Approval from the City of Coldwater Planning Commission. 

4. If required (new construction or 10% or more change to footprint of building or parking), apply for Site Map Plan Approval. 

5. Obtain all required building/trade permits

6. Complete construction, obtaining all required inspections throughout construction. 

7. Obtain Certificate of Occupancy from City Building Inspector. 

8. Complete application for and obtain State of Michigan operating license. 

9. Complete Coldwater Marihuana Establishment License Application Part B and provide City Clerk with: 

  1. Copy of the State operating license. 
  2. State-approved premises security plan. 
  3. Proof of insurance. 
  4. Fully executed deed and/or lease which expressly authorizes your use of the site for subject permit. 
  5. Completed list of employees. 
  6. Copy of valid Driver’s License or photo ID for each employee listed. Upon receipt of these items, the Clerk will issue the Final Municipal Marihuana License. 

10. Commence opening and operation of permitted Marihuana Establishment.

  1. Jake VanBoxel

    Neighborhood Services Director / City Planner

Marihuana Establishment Application Documents