Coldwater Area Webcams

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Downtown Coldwater

4 Corners Park, located at the intersection of Chicago St and Marshall St, marks the beginning of Coldwater's Downtown. In the top left, you can see the start of historic Mainstreet. In the center and on the right, you can see two of the four parks that give 4 Corners Park its name.

Monroe Street

Monroe Street hosts many of Coldwater's downtown events, including Hops on Monroe, Art Walk, Strawberry Fest, Apple Fest, and Winter Fest. Keep an eye on this stream to get a glimpse of our fun city and dedicated community in action!

Bishop Ave Water Tower

Enjoy the beautiful, picturesque scenery that makes Coldwater a great place to live, work, and play! This view is made possible by a camera attached to the top of the CBPU's Bishop Ave Water Tower. In the bottom, you can see one of Heritage Park's many ballfeilds and Coldwater's state-of-the-art Dr. Robert W. Browne Recreation Center. Along the top, you can see parts of both Cemetary Lake and North Lake. 

Willowbrook Water Tower

Discover Coldwater from a new view with the camera attached to the Willowbrook Water Tower. Here you can see bustling I-69 as it connects residents, businesses, and visitors to our up-and-coming community.