To Start, Stop, or Change Service

Start, Stop, or Transfer Services


    Please note that this form is NOT for new CBPU customers. If you would like to start services with the CBPU, and you are not a current CBPU customer, please see our Application for New Service. This form is for current CBPU customers looking to add a new service, transfer services, or stop services. Thank you. 

    Please note that this form was previously called Request to Add, Change, or Stop Services. 

  2. Is there a Secondary Account Holder at this address?*

    This typically applies when there are multiple people on a lease or if you are on a parent or dependent's account.

  3. Please type the name(s) of your secondary account holder(s)

  4. Please provide the phone number(s) for your secondary account holder(s)

  5. Is your Mailing Address different from your Service Address?*
  6. Services I would like ADDED or CHANGED
  7. Services I would like STOPPED

    Please see our Rules, Rates, and Regulations for fees or deposits associated with establishing new service. 

    Activation and Installation fees may apply.

    Telecommunications equipment (i.e. router for GIG Fiber Internet) must be returned upon cancellation of services. Your account will be billed for equipment that is not returned. 

    See all Rules, Rates, and Regulations here

    If this form does not cover your request, please feel free to call the CBPU at (517) 279-9531, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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