Unemployment and Mental Health

Here are some unemployment tips from Pines Behavioral Health:

Being unemployed, especially for long periods, can be associated with feelings of fear and despair. As this period progresses, these feelings could intensify unless we stop and realize what staying home/staying safe has given us: time. Below are several important ways to spend this time to channel feelings of uncertainty into actionable steps that will improve your career when (not if) you return to work:
  1. Take this time to identify your passion and the skills with which you excel. You may find that what you’re really good at is not even associated with your previous employment. Provide consultation online or create a social media blog to share those skills and to, most importantly, get your name out there.
  2. Are there areas you need to improve? Or is there a chance for future promotion based on new skills? Use this time to take that course or get that certification you’ve thought about but never had the time.
  3. Update your resume. Many have been at the same place of employment for years and have changed or added responsibilities over time. Make sure that your resume is ready and reflects your most current skills and experiences.
  4. Continue to network – if not already connected, think about joining LinkedIn, or other career interest groups through Facebook. Personally reach out to those that post something of interest to you to build that personal network. And, as you can, volunteer (safely).

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