Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I Get Tested for COVID-19?

Testing Does Not Change Treatment

How do I know If My Job is Truly Essential?

First, consult the list of essential businesses and industries here. If your job does not fall under these categories and you are still being asked, the job may be instrumental in keeping an essential businesses running. Please consult with your supervisor if you are uncertain.

If your job or a business is not essential you may file a complaint against them. Complaints concerning companies or businesses remaining open during the pandemic within city limits, please contact Coldwater's Public Safety Department at 278-4525. If the business is outside the City limits, please call the County at 279-4300.

How Do I Talk To Children About COVID-19?

In times of crisis, it can be difficult for children to understand why their life has changed so suddenly. Here are some helpful tips from Pines Behavioral Health on how to talk to children about Covid-19, as well as great ways to help them feel safe and secure during this difficult time.

  1. Remember, children can easily pick up on their parent’s anxiousness. Being a role model by keeping calm and helping your child feel secure can go a long way.
  2. It is normal for children to be asking questions. Answer them truthfully, but age appropriately. For the young, reassuringly tell them that there are germs that are causing people to become sick, but there are doctors, nurses, and hospitals helping them to get better. In the meantime, we need to wash our hands, cough or sneeze into our arm, and keep our hands away from our face. More advanced information can be given to older children, helping them decipher the facts from misinformation.
  3. Children may wonder what they did to cause the family to remain home and for schools to be closed. Much like in divorce situations, children tend to think that they are the cause of something that has gone wrong. Reassure them that they’ve done nothing wrong.

  4. It is important to give children a sense of security. Keep or develop a daily routine and engage in a lot of family time. Limit TV or other media exposure by finding new hobbies. Children thrive on parents’ attention, and this time at home gives us an opportunity to strengthen our family.

If you would like more information on this topic, or just need help getting through this, visit Pines Behavioral Health's website at

Are There Grants Available for Home Improvement?


The City has received a MSHDA grant to assist with home repairs specifically for the Seeley/Morse/Smith/Michigan neighborhood.  However, the project has not been rolled out yet and wont’ be until after the Covid-19 pandemic subsides and the stay at home order is lifted.