Appliance Recycling Program

Appliance Recycling

Refrigerator and Freezer Recycling

Chances are that second refrigerator or older freezer in your basement is runing up your electric bill by about $150 a year. Recycling it and you can reduce your energy usage while keeping harmful materials out of landfills. We’ll pick it up for free, and you’ll receive a cash rebate!

Appliances must be in working condition. Refrigerators and stand alone freezers must be between 10-30 cubic feet using inside measurements. A member of Michigan Energy Options will come by to claim the unit. A maximum of four units annually (two large and two small) are available for pickup if you are a CBPU electric customer. A minimum of one refrigerator or stand alone freezer is required per scheduled pick-up.

To schedule your FREE pick-up or for more information, call 1.866.341.8729 OR view our most Frequently Asked Questions.