Community Message Board

What an Unbelievable Deal!

If you have a message that you would like to get out to the Community, advertise on our local message board!

If your company is a non-profit organization and can provide a 501-C3 certificate, you may be able to advertise your events at no charge. It only costs $5 per week to run an ad if you are not a non-profit.  

Application Process

Persons wishing to use the message board should apply through our online portal.

You will be asked to provide a typed copy of your proposed message not less than one full week prior to the date you want the message to run. The message cannot exceed 35 words. You can access our full policy online

We will check the message for length and proper content. Should the message not meet the length or content requirements, you will be contacted and given an opportunity to change the message.

Our team will then design a message for you and send it to you for approval. 

To start the process, simply apply.

Local Programming

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