Branch County Economic Growth Alliance

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The Branch County Economic Growth Alliance (BCEGA) was created in 1989 to oversee economic development for Branch County, with its primary purpose to market the County's industrial parks, located in the cities of Bronson, Coldwater, and the villages of Quincy and Union City. Featuring 5 commerce-friendly industrial and business parks, and an advanced high-speed telecommunications infrastructure, Branch County has the diverse resources, experience and flexibility forward-looking businesses seek. BCEGA with its community partners form an experienced team to provide comprehensive assistance for new businesses and companies looking to expand their operations.

The services the BCEGA provides can assist any corporate level, from free business planning assistance for the entrepreneur to site location and incentive information for the large corporation considering expansion. While the BCEGA focuses primarily on industrial development, its partnership with the Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) helps the BCEGA provide services to retailers and other commercial businesses.


The Branch County Economic Growth Alliance (BCEGA) mission is to create, retain and expand jobs in Branch County by attracting new industries to the county, assisting local industries in expansion efforts, and creating an environment where businesses and industry can succeed.

To fulfill this mission, the BCEGA focuses on 3 primary activities:
  • Enhancing Branch County Quality of Life
  • Retention and Expansion
  • Workforce Training

Our Team

  • Jeff Budd, President
  • Brandon Mersman, Vice President (Bronson)
  • Keith Baker, Secretary Treasurer (Coldwater)
  • Bud Norman, Board Member (Branch County)
  • Brittany Butler, Board Member (Quincy)
  • Nick Krzeminski, Board Member (Michigan Gas Utilities)
  • Lisa Miller, Economic Development Specialist/BCEGA Executive Director
  • Audrey Tappenden, Economic Development Assistant

Retention & Expansion

The team works to Market Branch County's 5 industrial parks located in Bronson, Coldwater, Quincy, and Union City.

The BCEGA community team will fight to keep local businesses local, and can work with a growing company to package services and incentives to make it that much easier and attractive to locate and grow in Branch County.

Enhance Quality of Life

  • Community partners to address quality affordable housing
  • County educators to find ways to help the business and education communities work more closely together for the development of the current and future workforce
  • Local municipalities on infrastructure improvements to support the economic growth of the county
  • Other community partners on recreational and cultural activities

Small Nonprofit?

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  • Are you a small tax -exempt organization?
  • Have less than 25 full-time equivalent employees?
  • Do their salaries average less than $50,000?
  • Do you pay at least half your employees' health insurance?
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