E-Cigarettes Fire Hazard

The Coldwater Fire Department has been following the growing trend of E-Cigarette use and sales facilities in our community.

There have been several fires caused nationally by users improperly charging the E-Cigarette devices with (non-specific model chargers and cords) or the USB charging cord that comes with the device purchased.

How Fires Occur

Consumers may have multiple E-Cigarettes with each one sold with a charging cord. These cords may not be universal or appropriate for the specific model of E-Cigarette and charging these devices can cause overheating of the battery and cause fire.

Consumers typically charge devices while sleeping so the Coldwater Fire Department urges all consumers to follow manufacturer’s instructions and assure that they have operational smoke alarms throughout their homes and that they test them monthly.

Additional Information

For more information, please feel free to contact the Coldwater Fire Department.