Fire Safety Manual for Apartment Managers

Fires in apartment buildings often involve one or more dwelling units. The dense nature of apartment living during a fire event may allow for the spread of hazardous smoke, heat and flames.

Fires can occur at any time and are unexpected. Being prepared and acting in a safe manner should not be unexpected. How one responds to a fire event typically dictates how successful the event will be to extinguish for responders. Responding to a fire requires quick, deliberate and calm actions. These actions may be needed in limited visibility or smoky and hot conditions where being prepared can save lives and property

Fire Safety Manual

The Fire Safety Manual for Apartment Managers (PDF) was developed to aid building managers in their safety efforts. The manual will provide:
  • Information about home fire prevention and safety.
  • Guidelines for developing Code required Fire Emergency Guide.
  • Recommendations for developing fire emergency procedures.
  • Overview on what to expect from Fire Department inspection processes.

A close up of the front of a fire truck with other fire trucks in the background