Round Up Program

Can You Spare Your Change?

We all know how a little change can have a very positive impact in our community. The CBPU Round Up Program is just that - an affordable way to help families in our community who are in need.

The CBPU Round Up Program differs slightly from other types of programs that donate change to a specific cause or organization in a community. It will be administered by the Salvation Army, which screens applicants and determines eligibility. There are no administration fees used to support the program and every dollar collected assists only CBPU customers with electric, water and sewer utility services.
Signing up and participating in the Round Up Program is simple. Just tell us you'd like to start in the program and your next utility bill will ‘round' to the next highest dollar. As an example, if your utility bill was $136.27, you would be billed $137 and your donation for that month would be $0.73.

We encourage our customers to participate in this program. We estimate the average cost to a customer would be around $6. Of course, the most you could donate in a month would be .99 cents and in an entire year would be $11.88.

Please call us at 279-9531 or email Customer Service to ask us any questions or to let us know you'd like to participate in this worthwhile program.

Utility Services

For more information on what utility services the CBPU Round Up Program helps with, visit our Utility Services page.