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Paying Fees 

Fees may be paid online using a credit card, or an electronic check. Cash and checks may be dropped off or mailed to the Neighborhood Services Department at 1 Grand Street. 

Fees may be paid at time of application or at a later date, but permits will not be formally issued until all fees have been received. 

If paying by credit card, fees may be paid at the same time as applying for a permit when using the online application portal (see “Apply for a Permit” above). Or fees may be paid at a later date using our online payment service: click here for link to online payment service.  To locate your invoice, visit the payment service link and provide any of the following: record number, name, address, parcel number, or invoice number.

Dog Licenses 

Dog licenses are available at the Branch County Treasurer’s office. Rabies certificate required.

Bicycle Licenses

§ 430.03. Registration of bicycles required. [Ord. No. 458, passed 2-25-1991]

  • Every owner of a bicycle within the City shall list and register with the Police Department his or her name and address, the name and manufacturer of the bicycle, or its number, style and general description.

  • He or she shall pay a registration fee of 0.50$ upon the registration of a bicycle, and no further license shall be required for the same bicycle.

  •  Upon such registration and payment of a registration fee, a suitable metallic identification tag, upon which shall be stamped a distinguishing number, shall be furnished to the owner of each bicycle when registered. 

  • The owner shall affix and keep affixed such metallic tag to the bicycle for which the tag is issued, and shall at all reasonable times, upon the demand of any member of the Police Department, exhibit the same for the purpose of identification and as proof of ownership. 

  • Upon change of ownership, such identification tag may be transferred to the new owner, and the license also may be transferred to him or her upon payment of a fee of $0.50. No tag shall be transferred from one bicycle to another, and no person shall attach to any bicycle a tag not issued for use thereon. 

  • Upon the loss of any identification tag, a duplicate thereof shall be issued by the Police Department upon satisfactory evidence of such loss and upon payment of a fee of $0.25.

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