Plan an Event in the City

Thank you for your interest in planning an event in the City of Coldwater!

Event Planning Form for City of Coldwater - Digital

  1. Event Information
  2. Please describe the nature of the event, activities planned, number of attendees expected, etc. (i.e. festival, parade, run/walk, concert, car cruise). 

    Please note that parades and other events along US-12 may require an additional permit from MDOT, and increase the lead time required for planning. 

  3. Event address, cross street, park, etc. Attach a map at the end of this form, if applicable. 

  4. List the duration of the event (# hours/days) and the end time. 

  5. Downtown Coldwater Social District – Special Requests and Notice of Special Permits

    Questions in this section help us comply with state laws that govern Social Districts, and make appropriate accommodations. 

    This Social District is an area downtown where participating businesses can sell alcoholic beverages to-go, to be consumed within the district boundary. 

    The standard operating hours are 11 am - 10 pm daily. 

    Events occurring within the Social District can request special commons areas (consumption areas). Requests must be approved by the City.

  6. MLCC Special Permit*

    Will your event include a request to MLCC for a special permit (e.g.) to sell alcohol outside the premises of a licensed establishment in an outdoor beer tent or other designated area)?

  7. Social District Commons Areas*

    The City's Social District operates 11 am - 10 pm, daily. If the event is NOT seeking a special permit through MLCC, do you request special commons areas (consumption areas) within the downtown Social District for the event? Examples include closing a street with plans to consume social district beverages within the area. If yes, please designate commons areas on the event map that is submitted.

  8. Services and Equipment Requests

    Please note which of the following City services and/or equipment you are requesting for your event: 

  9. You may upload any documents relevant to your event application here (e.g. maps highly encouraged)

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