Citizens Academy

About the Program

Ever wonder why CPD has a canine unit, how your water is kept clean and safe for drinking, or how Municipal Services keeps the City looking its best? Learn all that and more during the City's Citizens Academy!

The Citizens Academy is a free series of classes designed to teach citizens about how their local government works for them. The academy is held from mid-January through mid-June and takes participants through the various functions of City government. The academy also includes tours of City facilities, including the Water Treatment Plant, Public Safety Building, Henry L. Brown Municipal Building, and more.

The first cohort will have a meeting every month for 6 months (the meeting will take place on a Thursday starting at 6:00 PM; meetings can last up to 2 hours) and tour a different City/CBPU facility.

During the monthly sessions, participants learn about the responsibilities of City departments and the services they provide to the community. Presentations and "behind-the-scenes" facility tours give participants a better understanding of the role local government plays in the quality of life that residents of Coldwater enjoy. Each session is held at a different City facility, giving participants a true sense of what it's like to work in local government.

Program Goal

  1. Inform residents of the operation of the City and local government.
  2. Develop future board and commission candidates
  3. Provide entertaining and informational presentations
Month / Date Program Information
Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023 Session #1: Local Government, the Basics! Location: City Hall
Topics: Council-Manager Form of Government, City Budget, Elections, Legal
Presented by: 
Keith Baker, City Manager
Tom Eldridge, Finance Director
Shauna Chávez, City Clerk
Megan Angell, City Attorney
Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023 Session #2: Public Safety Location: Public Safety Building
Topics: Emergency Situations and the Role of Police and Fire
Presented by: 
Joe Scheid, Director of Public Safety
Dave Schmaltz, Fire Chief
Steve Trall, Fire Marshal
Patrick Beeman, Deputy Chief of Police
Thursday, Mar. 23, 2023 Session #3: Water, Sewer and Electric, Oh My! (CBPU Part 1)
Location: Water Treatment Plant & Electric Service Building 
Topics: Customer Service, Engineering, Energy Optimization
Presented by:
Paul Jakubczak, CBPU Director
Andrew Cameron, Engineering Manager
Bob Granger, Energy Efficiency Manager
John Springhall, Electric Superintendent 
Thursday, Apr. 20, 2023 Session #4: Water, Sewer and Electric, Oh My! (CBPU Part 2)
Location: Water Resource Recovery Facility Topics: Water Treatment and Water Services
Presented by:
Paul Jakubczak, CBPU Director
Brian Musselman, Water/ Wastewater/Telecom Superintendent
Jon Foley, Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent
Bob Worley, ISP Operations Manager
Thursday, May 18, 2023 Session #5: For The People! Location: Recreation Center Topics: Economic Development, Recreation, & Community Engagement Departments
Presented by:
Lisa Miller, BCEGA Executive Director
Audrey Tappenden, DDA/LDFA/Main Street
Julie Santure, Recreation Department
Abbey Hoffman, Community Engagement Coordinator (City/CBPU)
Thursday, Jun. 15, 2023 Session #6: On the Move!  Location: Municipal Services Building & City Compost Site (45 Industrial Ave)
Topics: Neighborhood Services & Municipal Services
Presented by: 
Jake VanBoxel, Neighborhood Services/Planning/Zoning
Bob Granger, DMS Superintendent

Interested in Applying?

The 2023 Application period has closed. Pending the success of this cohort, it will re-open in Fall 2023 for the 2024 Cohort. The 2024 Cohort of the Citizens Academy will accept between 12-20 people. Applications will be reviewed and selected at a later point in time.

Questions? Call the City of Coldwater at (517) 279-9501