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new features

Watch TV Everywhere

Now you can watch your favorite shows not just on your TV, but on other devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones, wherever you are, at your convenience. To get your WatchTVEverywhere, click here!

Restart TV

Have you ever turned on the TV and found a great show playing, but it started 15 minutes earlier? Not a problem with Restart TV. Now you can go back up to three hours in the on-screen guide to start watching from the beginning of a program in progress.

Remote Storage DVR

Record multiple programs simultaneously then replay them from any set-top box in your home. You can record up to 100 hours of programming to enjoy when you're ready. You can even purchase additional storage if you need it. And because your recordings are saved and backed on the Skitter system, you never have to worry about losing your recorded programming to a hard drive failure.

Video on Demand (coming soon!)

Watch current events, movies, sports, and more, when you are ready to view them. A wide selection of the latest content, simple access, and integrated billing make it easy to sit back and enjoy your viewing choice on your schedule.

Equipment Fees

Equipment Fees Rates
Set-Top Box (Per Television) $4.99
Additional Set Top Box $4.99

Premium Movie Channels

Premium Movie Channels Rates
HBO $22.00
Cinemax $20.00
HBO/Cinemax Combo $40.00
STARZ $12.00
STARZ Encore $7.00
STARZ & STARZ Encore Combo $17.00

Skitter A La Carte

Skitter Al La Carte Services Rates
DVR Service (100 hours) $12.99
NFL Red Zone (December Only; Must have Total Package)

NFL Red Zone (September-December, Must have Total Package) $25.00
Additional 100 Hour Recording Block $6.00
4K Content (Requires set-top box & 4K UHD TV) $5.00