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Oct 1, 2022Olympic Channel Service will be discontinued by the network NBCU. This channel will drop from the Prime, Total & Business Packages.
Oct 4-12, 2022Fall Sun Outages. Most solar outages occur around midday and last anywhere from five to 15 minutes. 
Jan. 1, 2023SkitterTV and Acclaim will experience a rate increase. Pricing changes will begin to be indicated on the website in Dec. 2022. Pricing changes will go into effect in January 2023. 
Jan. 1, 2023Skitter TV will rebrand as Absolute Cable TV in January 2023. The same programs will be offered. This change will not affect packages or pricing. CBPU Customers will start to see Skitter TV branding transition to Absolute Cable TV branding throughout December 2022. The rebranding transition will be complete before April 2023. 
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Wondering if and when your neighborhood will be connected to Gig-Fiber? Our handy map allows you to search for your address, check availability, follow construction progress, and see estimated completion times, all in one place!

To find your address, type it into the search bar in the top right of the map. To follow your neighborhood's connection schedule, follow the key below; the colors correspond to when construction is expected to complete.

Please note: Although we try to be 100% accurate, not all service addresses shown in the Availablity Key are available through CBPU. If your address does not get electric service through CBPU, it is very unlikely that Fiber Internet is available at your location. 

Fiber Availability Key

Is your neighborhood not connected?

Don't worry! The CBPU is still offering their lightning-fast, high-speed cable internet in all neighborhoods still waiting to be connected. 

Please note that not all services are available in all areas. Please contact CBPU Customer Service at (517) 279-9531 if you have any questions.