Tax Information

To better serve our taxpayers, we offer online access of current tax information, accept postmarks and also offer a drop box located on the west side of the municipal building in the parking lot for customers dropping off payments after hours. The municipal building is located at:

Henry L. Brown Municipal Building

1 Grand Street

Coldwater, MI 49036

Special Assessments

Special assessments and abatements can be paid off in full anytime throughout the year. Abatements include mowing and cleanup charges that are added to the tax bill.

Role of the Treasurer

Administrative Services is the tax collector in the City of Coldwater. In addition to collecting taxes on real estate and personal property for the City, Administrative Services also collects for Branch County, Coldwater Community Schools, State Education Tax and Branch Intermediate School District. The money for the County, State Education Tax and Schools is paid to the appropriate taxing jurisdiction shortly after being collected by Administrative Services.

Property Taxes

Summer property taxes are due and payable August 1. Winter property taxes are due and payable December 1. Although the tax is due on December 1 and August 1, it is payable without interest and penalty until September 15, for summer taxes and February 14, for winter taxes.

Residents may pay tax bills with penalty and interest added at the Administrative Services office until February 28. On March 1, the Administrative Services office may no longer accept real property tax payments, but still collect delinquent personal property tax. Residents must pay their delinquent real property tax bill at the office of the Branch County Treasurer.

  • NOTE: With rising scams concerning property in surrounding areas, the Branch County Register of Deeds would like to remind citizens that they can verify information on Property Fraud Alert. By going to the website,,  and entering in very little information, citizens can be alerted if anything has been recorded in the Register of Deeds office under a specific name(s). You can search and enter multiple names. You would be contacted via your preferred communication method (email/text message/phone call) and you can register in English or Spanish. This is at no cost.

Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are available at the Branch County Treasurer’s office. Rabies certificate required.

2022 Millage Rates

Item Mills Percentage
911 0.9900 Mills 1.71%
BATA 0.3400 Mills 0.58%
Branch County 4.7076 Mills 8.13%
Branch Intermediate School District 8.1176 Mills 14.02%
City of Coldwater 11.5642 Mills 19.96%
Coldwater Community Schools 18.0000 Mills 31.07%
Coldwater Community Schools Debt 1.7500 Mills 3.03%
Coldwater Community Schools Sink Fund 0.9646 Mills 1.66%
Commission on Aging 0.7256 Mills 1.26%
Jail - Building 1.2375 Mills 2.14%
Library 1.0935 Mills 1.88%
Retirement Fund 1.3333 Mills 2.30%
Roadway 1.000 Mills 1.73%
State Education Fund 6.0000 Mills 10.35%
Veterans 0.0988 Mills 0.18%
Total 2022 Levy 57.9227 Mills 100.00%

2022 Millage Rates - Total for Qualified PRE

Mills Percentage
Total 2022 Levy 57.9227 Mills 100.00%
Less Principal Residential Exemption (PRE) 18.0000 Mills 31.07%
Total for Qualified PRE 39.9227 Mills 68.93%