City Clerk

Duties of the City Clerk are to facilitate Official Meetings and Board / Commission Appointments; to manage and preserve the official records of the City and to assist the public in accessing public documents and information. In addition, it is also the duty of the City Clerk to administer elections and voter registration in accordance with State and Federal law. 
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Michigan Election & Voter Information Center

The Michigan Voter Information Center will help you navigate upcoming elections. You can find the following on their page:

Additional election information can be found here:

Learn more about City of Coldwater and Michigan Voting Information.

Paperless Packet

The City Council uses the "Paperless Packet Agenda." This enables the Council to review agenda items via laptop in a more convenient and timely fashion. The Council agenda, as well as the completed Council packet, is made available in Agendas and Minutes.

Learn more about the City Council's Paperless Packet Agenda.


The Codified Ordinances is a codification of the laws of the City of Coldwater. City Council adopts ordinances that create new chapters or amends current ordinances.

Learn more about the City of Coldwater's Ordinances.

Oak Grove Cemetery

A city's history is most often reflected in its cemeteries. Established in 1854, Oak Grove Cemetery is actually two distinct properties separated by U.S. 12 at the western boundary of the city. 

Learn more about Oak Grove Cemetery.