Node 9 Web Announcment

It's Time To Connect to CBPU Gig-Fiber Internet!

We've got terrific news! CBPU has converted its second neighborhood into a FIBERhood! Customers in the Node 9 & 11 areas can sign up for CBPU Gig-Fiber internet! (Learn More)


Strawberry Fest Returns!

On Saturday, June 19th, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, beautiful, historic Coldwater is home to Strawberry Fest - a crowd favorite! Join us to kick off the summer season with vendors featuring strawberries, florals, crafts, delicious foods, and live music! (See more events here)

Customer Service Stock Photo

Improvements Made During Pandemic

The CBPU Customer Service Team, known for its ability to connect with customers in person, was presented a unique challenge with COVID-19. Keeping both customers and staff safe while also fulfilling our customers' needs was a top priority. (Learn More)