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Social District Cup Order Request

  1. Where cups should be delivered to.

  2. Where the invoice for reimbursement to the City should be sent.

  3. Cup Pricing*
    Cup costs Image

    *Pricing is subject to change by manufacturer.

    *Additional cost may be incurred for logos with 2+ colors

    *First-time orders incur a one-time charge of $50 to create a printing plate specific to your logo/artwork

  4. Cup Size Requested*

    Choose only one; additional cup sizes may be requested below.

  5. Indicate number of cases requested. Each case containes 1,000 cups. 

  6. Additional Cup Size Requested
  7. Indicate number of cases requested for your second cup size. Each case containes 1,000 cups.

  8. Trade name, logo, or other feature*

    A trade name, logo, or other unique feature must be included on each cup sold by Social District Permit-holders. The feature must clearly identify which permit-holder sold the beverage.

    Will your business be securing its own stickers for placement on the cups, or would you like a graphic printed directly on the cup, placed on the opposite side of the district logo?

  9. ONLY upload a high-resolution graphic (no more than three colors)* if you requested that it be printed on the cup. Businesses who plan to place a sticker on the cup, or who have uploaded a graphic previously, do NOT need to submit anything at this time. 

    Vector files such as .ai or .eps are recommended. High-resolution PSD, PDF, JPEG, and PNG files are acceptable. Word, PowerPoint, and photographed artwork will be not accepted.

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