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Message Board Application

  1. Is the message advertising for an organization?*
    These include churches, businesses, government institutions, ect.
  2. Is your organization a non-profit?
  3. Uploading a 501-C3 certificate will assure that this advertising will be free of charge.
  4. Message Categories
  5. Non-Profit
    Announcements and schedules for all non-profit organizations will be run for a period not to exceed four weeks at no charge.
  6. Birthday or Anniversary Message
    Happy Birthday and Anniversary announcements will be run for a period not to exceed one week. There will be no charge for an announcement without a picture, but an announcement with a picture will be $5.00.
  7. All Other Advertising
    All other messages and advertising will be priced at $5.00 per week as long as the length and content requirements are met.
  8. Select Message Category*
  9. *Messages will be limited to no more than 35 words unless prior arrangements are made. The personnel of the Telecommunications Utility will have the responsibility of deciding if the content of the message is acceptable. Political advertisements are not allowed. Should the message not meet the length or content requirements, the customer will be contacted and given an opportunity to change the message.
  10. You must apply no less than one week prior to the date the message is to be run.
  11. Message may not run more than four weeks unless prior arrangements are made.
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