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Sponsorship Application

  1. Application Criteria

    1. Your organization must be a CBPU customer in some capacity and/or your request must benefit the Coldwater community.

  2. 2. If you are requesting the sponsorship of a sports team that team must be Coldwater based.

  3. 3. Unless it is a sports team, your organization must be a registered 501-C.
  4. This section must focus on the benefits for members in the Coldwater, Michigan community. This section focuses on why we should sponsor you. 

  5. This section is for you to list any sponsorship benefits that your organization is offering (i.e. logo on t-shirts/banners/special shout-out/social media features/etc.)

  6. Amount of Support Requested*
  7. If you selected "Non-Monetary Support", please let us know what you are requesting.

  8. Sponsorship & Donation Received By. . .*

    If approved, please select how you would like to receive your monetary donation. Please note that if you select "Pick-Up" the person who made the request will need to pick-up the check or email [email protected] and inform us who will be coming in to pick-up the check. 

  9. Have an event flyer or additional documents you want to include in your request? Submit them here!

  10. Please provide both if they are different.
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