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Request To Add, Change, or Stop Services

  1. Primary Account Holder
  2. Is there a Secondary Account Holder?*
  3. Service Address
  4. Is your mailing address different from your service address?*
  5. Services I would Like Added or Changed
  6. Services I Would Like Stopped
  7. Do You Want Additional Garbage Totes?
  8. Do You Want Recycling Tote(s)?
  9. Do You Want Garbage Totes Removed From The Service Address?
  10. Do You Want Recycling Totes Removed From the Service Address?
  11. Internet Service:
  12. Skitter TV Packages:
  13. Premium Skitter Channels Add-Ons
  14. Sports Package

    $8.00 with Select or Prime Package or $6.00 with Total Package. Includes NFL Network, NFL RedZone, Fox College Sports, Fantasy Sports, Fight Network, and Outside TV.

  15. Phone Packages:
  16. Keep or Change Old Number
  17. The forwarding address will be used to send your final bill or deposit refund.

  18. Acknowledgement

    We will contact you at the phone number you have provided to complete the process of your service request. 

  19. Activation and Installation fees may apply for new services.
  20. Telecom equipment must be returned upon cancellation of services. Your account will be billed for equipment that is not returned.
  21. If this form does not cover your request, please feel free to contact CBPU at 517-279-9531, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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