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  1. BCEGA COVID-19 Rebate Program Application

    The Branch County Economic Growth Alliance (BCEGA) has allocated $50,000 towards a new COVID-19 Rebate Program. This program is... More…


  1. COVID-19 Business Support Rebate APPLICATION- Downtown Development Authority

    The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has allocated $10,000 towards a new COVID-19 Business Support Rebate Program. This program... More…

Message Board Application

  1. Message Board Application

    If you have a message that you would like to get out to the Community, advertise on our local message board! If your company is a... More…

Photo Submissions (Coldwater)

  1. Photo Submissions for the City of Coldwater

    Do you take pictures around the City of Coldwater in your free time? Send them in and it may be featured on our social media pages and... More…


  1. CBPU Service Pre Qualifying Questions

    Filling out this form will speed up the process of your installation.