What is Clemens’ commitment to animal care?
The care of hogs – from when they are raised on the farm to when they arrive at our plant – is always of the utmost importance to the Clemens family. Clemens Food Group has a full-time veterinarian on staff to administer our animal care programs. The company has been a leader in the pork industry in animal well-being initiatives and participates in annual audits to ensure the welfare of the hogs raised for the company.

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1. Who is the Clemens family?
2. Who are Clemens family’s partners on this project?
3. Who are Clemens public partners on this project?
4. What is the anticipated time line for the new plant?
5. What is the total investment for the project?
6. What specific products will be processed in the facility? Where will they be sold?
7. What makes Clemens’ pork products unique from what is currently on the market?
8. Why did Clemens decide to build this facility?
9. Why did Clemens choose the state of Michigan for the location of the plant?
10. What incentives were offered from the State of Michigan to build this plant?
11. How did Clemens choose Coldwater, Michigan?
12. What kind of jobs can people in and around Coldwater expect?
13. Will the plant be a good neighbor?
14. Where exactly will this facility be located?
15. What is Clemens’ commitment to animal care?
16. What kind of role will Clemens play in the Coldwater community?