The Coldwater Fire Department

The Coldwater Fire Department provides fire prevention, fire suppression and responds to medical emergencies within the City of Coldwater. In addition, the fire department also provides fire suppression and emergency responses for the townships of Coldwater and Girard.

The City of Coldwater was recently notified by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) that their public protection class has been lowered to a Class 3 (Class 1 is best and Class 10 is not meeting minimum requirements). Based upon ISO’s 2015 information, only 29 out of 2,164 rated communities in Michigan received a Class 3 or lower fire rating. Nationwide, only 9% of the rated communities received a Class 3 or lower rating.

This excellent rating results in lower insurance premiums for homeowners as well as business and industrial properties located in Coldwater.


The department takes a pro-active approach to fire and life safety. Effort is directed toward prevention activities with the purpose of making all buildings safe and the community more safety conscious. Fire suppression, technical rescue and emergency medical services continue to require up-to-date training by the staff.

The mission of the Coldwater Fire Department is to provide the highest possible level of fire protection, rescue, and hazard mitigation services to the community. This shall be accomplished with a team of professionals, both part-paid and career, by providing fire prevention, public education, emergency operations, and planning. Each firefighter shall strive to deliver the highest quality service through training, preparedness, planning, and prevention in order to ensure that the community maintains a high quality of life.






The Coldwater Fire Department provides:

  • Full Time Fire Marshal (fire inspections / prevention programs)
  • Fire Suppression
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMT non transport) – City of Coldwater only
  • Hazardous Materials spills and leaks
  • Rescue / Extrication
  • Confined Space / Trench Rescue
  • High Angle Rope Rescue
  • Ice Rescue
  • Fire Victim Assistance (helping those who have suffered a fire begin the recovery process)
  • Arson Investigation

Fire Safety Education

The Coldwater Fire Department has been busy the entire month of October 2014 providing fire safety educational lessons to our community’s children.  The fire department used the Branch County Fire Prevention Trailer to provide interactive opportunities to all students in the Coldwater school system.  The fire department has served potentially lifesaving training and education to over 2000 customers this month.  In addition to the many programs they offer, the fire department has also been installing “free” 10-year tamper free battery operated smoke alarms in single-family homes having adults 65 years of age or older and those with children ages 10 years or younger.

The Coldwater Fire Department would like to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to the Lakeland Fire Department for their assistance at Lakeland Elementary School and the Lakeland Elementary School Principal, Gary Dancer and Miss Karbon’s 5th grade class for allowing us to film them during their training session.

Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation Program

In the City of Coldwater and our township service areas, if you are the owner of a home, firefighters can visit your home to check your smoke alarms and install FREE 10-year sealed battery smoke alarms and battery operated Carbon Monoxide detectors as necessary.  They can also provide valuable information on electrical powered alarm replacements if necessary.

Smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide detectors only have a 10 year life span and should be replaced every 10 years.  The fire department also provides home fire and safety inspections for FREE.

To request a FREE smoke alarm or Carbon Monoxide detector installation while supplies last or to request an inspection or information on our program please contact the Fire Department at 278-4177.

Legal Fireworks in Michigan - Who Can Sell Them and Who Can Use Them

In January 2012, the state legislature passed a law allowing the sales and use of consumer grade fireworks here in Michigan. There are some considerations the public and those intending to sell fireworks should understand before getting involved with them. In an effort to answer questions the public may have, the Coldwater Fire Department has developed this guide for the public on sales and use of consumer grade and low impact grade fireworks.


Fire Safety Manual for Apartment Managers

Fires in apartment buildings often involve one or more dwelling units. The dense nature of apartment living during a fire event may allow for the spread of hazardous smoke, heat and flames.

Fires can occur at any time and are unexpected. Being prepared and acting in a safe manner should not be unexpected. How one responds to a fire event typically dictates how successful the event will be to extinguish for responders. Responding to a fire requires quick, deliberate and calm actions. These actions may be needed in limited visibility or smoky and hot conditions where being prepared can save lives and property.

The Fire Safety Manual for Apartment Managers was developed to aid building managers in their safety efforts. The manual will provide:

  • Information about home fire prevention and safety
  • Guidelines for developing Code required Fire Emergency Guide
  • Recommendations for developing fire emergency procedures
  • Overview on what to expect from Fire Department inspection processes

E-Cigarettes Fire Hazard

The Coldwater Fire Department has been following the growing trend of E-Cigarette use and sales facilities in our community. 

There have been several fires caused nationally by users improperly charging the E-Cigarette devices with (non-specific model chargers and cords) or the USB charging cord that comes with the device purchased. 

Consumers may have multiple E-Cigarettes with each one sold with a charging cord.  These cords may not be universal or appropriate for the specific model of E-Cigarette and charging these devices can cause overheating of the battery and cause fire.

Consumers typically charge devices while sleeping so the Coldwater Fire Department urges all consumers to follow manufacturer’s instructions and assure that they have operational smoke alarms throughout their homes and that they test them monthly.

For more information, please feel free to contact the Coldwater Fire Department.

College Campus Housing Fire Safety - See It Before You Sign It

The Coldwater Fire Department reminds our residents having loved ones in college or heading off to college that practicing fire safety should remain a focus of ours and our students living on or off campus. Students should have a fire escape plan and make sure their residences have working smoke alarms and two ways out.

“See It Before You Sign It” is a campaign from Campus Firewatch, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the National Fire Protection Association and the United States Fire Administration.

The following informational materials are great resources for college parents and students:

Campus Firewatch 

National Fire Protection Association

United States Fire Administration

Consumer Product Safety Commission

Holiday Fire Safety




The Importance of Closing your Doors



Home Fire Sprinkler Systems Video

People want the truth about home fire sprinklers.  Here it is.

The fire department also offers free smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for qualified residents.