Oak Grove Cemetery

Coldwater Launches New 'Search' Application for Oak Grove Cemetery

The City of Coldwater has a new application available that allows for searching burials and plots for sale.  This feature map is currently located on our GIS and fields are searchable by name or by availability.



Oak Grove Cemetery

A city’s history is most often reflected in its cemeteries.  Established in 1854, Oak Grove Cemetery is actually two distinct properties separated by US 12 at the western boundary of the city.  The cemeteries stand high above the surrounding landscape overlooking the Messenger / Hodunk chain of lakes.

Buffered by the lakes below, each cemetery is serviced by a single entrance thus accentuating the beauty and serenity of the sacred place for the repose for the dead.  The attractiveness of the grounds is fittingly accentuated in the spring as though anticipating the annual Memorial Day celebration in memory of Coldwater’s many veterans and fallen heroes.

Standing proudly as sentinels to the south cemetery entrance is the parade of flags, with each flag memorializing wars that were fought to preserve freedom for all Americans.  The city’s historic memorial chapel is located on the south cemetery grounds and continues in active use.

The south cemetery grounds include the burial place of Cyrus Luce, Michigan’s 21st governor and a county in Upper Michigan is named after him.  The city’s first lady mayor, Louise Wallace, is buried in the south cemetery.

The cemetery is open daily from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.   Current rates are as followed below:


Standard Lot: Per Grave

South Section (New Section)
North Section (Old Section)

Infant Lot: Per Grave

South Section (New Section)


Row Resident Non-Resident
520.00 580.00
500.00 540.00
Third 480.00 520.00
Fourth 460.00 500.00

Interments: Opening and Closing of Standard Lots

  M-F Service Before 3pm M-F Service After 3pm Saturday Service Disinterment
Adult 300.00 420.00 500.00 360.00
Child 250.00 370.00 450.00 280.00
Infant 138.00 258.00 338.00 170.00
Cremains 138.00 258.00 338.00 170.00


Free with Service or 300.00 to Rent
Tent (April through November) 90.00
Vault 100.00 (set & seal)
Foundation .30 per square inch
Columbarium 138.00
Perpetual Free of charge
  • All graves must be paid for in full at time of selection.
  • All opening and closing costs are to be paid before the time of service.
  • Opening and closings are not done on Sundays or Holidays.
  • A concrete burial is required.
  • All foundation work will be done by the cemetery or their representative.
  • All foundation cost must be paid before memorials are delivered.
  • Memorials must face in the direction that the section calls for.
  • Transfer of ownership or burial rights must be recorded with the cemetery.

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City Clerk

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Cemetery Shop

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DMS / Recreation Director
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