GIG Fiber Internet FAQ

When will you be in my service area?

Check availability here: or call us at 279-9531.

What Is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet access is delivered over fiber-optic connections, rather than using the copper wire of broadband connections or the wireless signals of satellite connections.

How Fast Is GIG Internet?

When you see an internet speed such as gigabit, this means that 1 billion bits of data are being transferred from one machine to another in a single second. Gigabit internet may also be referred to as gigabit per second (Gbps), 1000 Mbps, 1G, 1 GiG, or 1 Gbps. 

Why should I upgrade to Fiber? Isn't cable internet good enough?

The copper wiring used in a cable is susceptible to temperature fluctuations, adverse weather conditions, fire hazards, and electromagnetic interference from high-powered electrical equipment nearby. By transmitting data as pulses of light rather than electrical signals or radio waves, fiber-optic cables enable internet connectivity with faster speeds, higher bandwidth, greater reliability, and increased security.

Will I Be Able to Keep My Current CBPU Internet Plan?

Our customers will not be able to keep their current internet plan. The CBPU will no longer offer cable internet as neighborhoods are converted to fiberhoods.

What are download and upload internet speeds?

Download speeds are the rate at which you receive data from the internet to the (WiFi) router to the device you're using. Upload speeds are the rate you send data from your device back through your gateway and back out to the internet.

What Is Plume?

Plume is the manufacturer of our self-optimizing Adaptive WiFi system for the home. Plume replaces the WiFi on your router or modem to provide fast, reliable WiFi in every inch of your home. With Plume’s HomePass, you receive unparalleled control over your guest and family’s access to the Internet. Plume’s AI Security provides the robust protection of your devices as it continuously monitors them for suspicious activity.

How Does Plume Work

Plume is powered by the cloud, which means it can adapt to real-life in real-time, ensuring that every room and every device has a reliable and fast connection now and into the future. We’ll help you determine the number of PowerPods you need for your home, then install the appropriate number of pods to ensure the best possible coverage. Our trained technicians will also help you download the Plume app on your smartphone and assist you with setting up your devices.

What Is Plume Adaptive WIFI?

Plume Adaptive WiFi puts the brains of your WiFi system in the cloud, using beautiful pods that are installed throughout your home to serve as links to the Internet. Plume adapts in real-time to the devices and applications running in your home, delivering perfect WiFi, adapted to every experience. Plume uses a patented WiFi allocation system, providing you with the highest bandwidth compared to any other home WiFi solution.

Can I get Plume Without a Fiber Connection?

Unfortunately, no. We have only designed Plume HomePass to work on our fiber network.