Street Repair Projects

​Milnes Plaza Apartment Construction

Due to the construction of an apartment building in the Milnes Plaza, parking will be limited during certain periods of construction. The schedule is detailed below:

  • Beginning August 26th, 2019, the northeast area of the Milnes Plaza will be closed for excavation. This will last approximately two weeks, as it entails removing the existing infrastructure and installing new storm sewer and electrical utilities before being resurfaced with asphalt millings.

  • The excavation is projected to move to the central portion of the lot sometime around September 5th, at which point the existing utilities will be removed and new utilities installed.  This construction is projected to last until approximately September 24th.

  • As the construction commences on the central portion of the Plaza, work will move to Hanchett St. This work is projected to begin at around the last week of September and last for a week and a half.

  • The installation of the utilities along the rear of the buildings is anticipated to begin around October 3rd and will last into November. There is a significant amount of work to be performed during this stage of the project, so it is projected to last until mid-November.

Please be conscious that all of these time frames are merely assumed at this point and may change with factors such as the weather, the discovery of unknown foundations or abandoned infrastructure, or any number of other factors. COVID-19 has not delayed the project significantly and completion is still estimated at mid-november.