Quality of Life

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  1. 2013 Regional Wage & Benefit Study (PDF)

    Review the 2013 Regional Wage and Benefit Study from Coldwater.

  2. Aquatic Center

    Visit the Dr. Robert W. Browne Aquatic Center website.

  3. Downtown Events & Festivals

    View downtown events and festivals for Coldwater, MI.

  4. Education

    Branch County has outstanding school systems. We are proud to be a part of a strong, safe educational system with competitive academic standards where students can achieve their educational goals.

  5. Housing

    Whether it's historic housing or family living, the city of Coldwater can accommodate your housing needs.

  6. Parks

    Check out area parks in the City of Coldwater including Heritage Park, Rotary Park, and City Park.

  7. Transportation

    Learn about the different modes of transportation in the City of Coldwater including the interstate, air, railway, and public transportation.