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  1. Available Properties In Branch County

    Find information about the business properties available around our area.

  2. Available Properties In Coldwater

    Find the perfect downtown property for your business.

  3. Demographics

    As of 2010, the population for the City of Coldwater was 10,945, and had a total of 4,827 households. The population of Coldwater is fairly well distributed by age, with the highest population concentrations found in the 25-44 age category with 35.5 percent, and a median age of 35.8 years.

  4. Incentives

    The progressive state of Michigan has enacted several opportunities that serve to remain beneficial for companies of any age or size.

  5. Location Map

    Where Coldwater is located in relation to nearby cities.

  6. Relocation Brochure (PDF)

    View the Relocation Brochure which includes information about Branch County such as average temperature, major employers, and average home prices.

  7. Utilities

    Learn about the utility services provided through the City.