Wellhead Protection Program

As a progressive forward step in the management of groundwater resources and the commitment to the quality of its drinking water, the Coldwater Board of Public Utilities (CBPU) has created a wellhead protection program for the community. Wellhead protection is a groundwater management program that observes the relationship between land use activities and the quality of drinking water from the wells. This program, like many others, will eventually be comprised of several elements which will address technical, managerial, administrative and educational goals, each a critical component to the overall success of the program. To that end, land use planning, zoning, prioritization of water and sewer distribution, storm water discharge, community education of groundwater protection, and groundwater resource management are only a few of the important highlights which will result from this important program.
In the spirit of State agency intentions, this document will become a "living" program. One that will constantly undergo updates and adjustments, and thus, will account for the unique characteristics of the community. One of the most important elements of this wellhead protection program is public participation and education. Even the most carefully prepared program will meet difficulty in its implementation if the community does not understand why or what it stands for.
Water Treatment Plant
The Coldwater Board of Public Utilities recognizes the importance of maintaining the high quality and quantity of Coldwater's water supply to the health and economic welfare of not only the community of Coldwater and its surrounding townships, but to the county of Branch in general. Individually, no one entity can protect groundwater. Cooperatively we can.