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  1. Assessor

    Each year the Assessor’s Office must calculate the assessed value of each property. In determining the assessment, the Assessor reviews the characteristics of each property, identifies area neighborhoods, and uses a sales study to analyze market values within each neighborhood, comparing the sale prices to the assessed values.

  2. Boards & Commissions

    The City of Coldwater has over a dozen boards, commissions and committees that are ran by residents in order to shape the pathway of our community’s future.

  3. City Attorney

    The City Attorney provides legal advice to the City Council, boards of all related city entities, appointed boards and commissions, and city staff related to the establishment, implementation, and enforcement of city laws, policies, and procedures.

  4. City Council

    The members of the City Council are elected by the citizens, and they work together to pass laws, make general policies, supervise city government, and appropriate funds for various needs. The work of a council is supported by a number of specialized commissions that focus on specific issues like city planning and public works. Council meetings are open to the public, and public input is welcomed.

  5. City Manager

    The city manager is appointed by the city council on the basis of merit, professional training, experience in city management and demonstrated ability. The manager is responsible to the council, insures that laws and ordinances are enforced and works with the department heads and employees so that municipal operations and functions are carried out efficiently.

  6. Coldwater Board of Public Utilities

    The Coldwater Board of Public Utilities (CBPU) provides safe, reliable, competitive and efficient utility products and services which include: electric, telecom, water and wasterwater.

  7. Clerk

    Duties of the City Clerk are to facilitate Official Meetings and Board / Commission Appointments; to manage and preserve the official records of the City and to assist the public in accessing public documents and information.

  8. Economic Development

    The Branch County Economic Growth Alliance (BCEGA) was created in 1989 to oversee economic development for Branch County, with its primary purpose to market the County’s industrial parks, located in the cities of Bronson, Coldwater, and the villages of Quincy and Union City.

  9. Pay Options & Billing Assistance

    The City of Coldwater and Coldwater Board of Public Utilities offers a variety of ways to make payments, as well as assistance programs.

  10. Public Safety

    Learn more about our Public Safety Departments, Fire and Police. Find out what each department is responsible for and how to contact them.

  11. Finance

    The Finance Department is responsible for providing accurate and timely financial services for the City of Coldwater and the Coldwater Board of Public Utilities.

  12. City of Coldwater Master Plan

    The City of Coldwater Master Plan is Coldwater's vision of a growing community. In the plan you will find information regarding growth, government, and community.