Yard Waste & Brush Pickup

Brush Collection

Due to a City Council decision, Brush Collection will now end in November, not October. All guidelines still apply. Please have your last brush pile on the curb by December, 2nd.

Brush collection (PDF) runs from April through November. To ensure your yard waste and brush is picked up follow these helpful tips:

  • Brush needs to be out by the first Monday of the month as crews start the process of collection around the City. The crew may take up to three weeks to reach all homes. If your brush hasn't been picked up by then, please contact us.
  • Place brush on the curb with the cut end facing the street.
  • Larger brush piles may require special pickup. A separate truck will be sent to pickup larger piles.
  • If the first Monday is a holiday, the collection will begin on Tuesday.


Leaf Pickup

Leaf collection is dependent on the weather but generally begins late fall. To ensure your yard waste and brush is picked up follow these helpful tips:

  • Bagged leaves (must be bagged in paper, plastic will not be accepted) need to be out by the first Monday of the month as crews start collection around the City. If bagged leaves haven't been picked up by the start of the third week, please contact us.
  • During the fall leaf pickup season, leaves may be placed in the roadway in most areas, excluding Marshall Street, Division Street and East and West Chicago Street.
  • If the first Monday is a holiday, leaf collection will begin on Tuesday.

Don't Want to Wait for Brush Collection?

NOTICE: Due to the weather, the compost site is operating on earlier hours. The site is open Monday thru Friday from 6am to 2pm and Saturday 9am to 2pm. This notice will come down when the site goes back to normal operating hours.

You may also drop off brush and bagged yard waste Monday through Friday from 8am-4:00pm or Saturday 9am-2pm (Saturday is April-November ONLY) at the Compost Site (PDF) located at 45 Industrial Avenue.

Compost Site

45 Industrial Ave

General Rules for Brush and Leaf Collection

No root systems are allowed and the brush is to be 8 inches or less in diameter. Place in the curb lawn area with ends facing the same direction.

All yard waste must be placed in paper bags. No plastic bags will be accepted. Grass, leaves and yard waste must not be placed on the street. Do not place brush around trees, sign posts or power poles. Leaf pickup is the only time anything is allowed to be placed in the roadway. Check the City's website or local media for dates of these pickups.

This service is not intended to replace private contracting of tree and brush removal. The contractor is responsible for the removal of the brush limbs or other material resulting from tree trimming or pruning.