Rental Housing

Neighborhood Services Department

Rental housing is administered through the Neighborhood Services Department in order to protect public health, safety and the welfare of citizens residing in rental housing in the City of Coldwater.
A rental unit is defined by ordinance as, "any hotel, motel, boarding house, rooming house, apartment, one or two-family dwelling unit, or multiple unit dwelling, which is occupied by any individual, family member or nonfamily member in return for compensation in cash, services or forbearances to the owner."

Once a house is determined to be a rental, the following process applies.
Diagram Depicting the Cycle Rental Properties Go Through

Registering a Rental

To register a rental, complete the Rental Registration Application Form and return to Neighborhood Services by email, fax or mail along with the appropriate registration fee. Please note, the person assigned as "local agent" on the registration form shall become the representative of the property on behalf of the owner and shall be responsible for operating in compliance with the rental housing ordinance. All official notices will be served on the responsible local agent and shall be deemed to have been served upon the owner or record as well.


The cost for rental registration is $5 for the first unit and $2 for each additional unit. This amount is collected when the rental is registered and renewed.


After your rental is properly registered, an inspection of the unit(s) is required. Inspections are governed by the International Property Maintenance Code. An overview of the Property Maintenance Code can be found in the related documents (Inspection Overview). If deficiencies are found during the inspection, the responsible agent will be given 60 days to make the corrections (unless the deficiencies pose a health or safety risk to the occupants). Notice of inspection will be automatically scheduled and notices mailed to the agent and occupant(s).

Certificate of Compliance

Once a rental has passed inspection, a Certificate of Compliance will be issued in the name of the responsible agent.

A certificate of compliance is valid for 2 years but may be extended for an additional period of up to 2 years.


Unsafe housing concerns can be addressed by contacting Neighborhood Services at 517-279-6929 to file a complaint. Neighborhood Services will respond to complaints by inspecting the problem and notifying the responsible agent or owner if correction is required. The State of Michigan has issued a Landlord / Tenant Guide to assist you in legal questions concerning rental housing.

Transfer of Ownership

In the event of a transfer of ownership, the new owner shall transfer rental registration within 10 days of the sale/date of transfer. A new inspection will not be required until the certificate of compliance expires.

It is unlawful for the owner of any rental unit who has received a compliance order (has open deficiencies) to transfer ownership of the rental unit or to permit tenants to move into the rental unit until the provisions of the compliance order have been complied with or the owner discloses the open violations to purchaser through a signed, notarized statement acknowledging receipt of the compliance order (even if the rental becomes owner-occupied). The grantee, who acknowledges receipt of the compliance order shall then become the owner of the rental unit and is subject to the requirements of the rental housing ordinance.