High Speed Internet

Fast Internet

If you already use the CBPU for your utility needs, fill out our online application and start receiving your High-Speed Internet service here.

High-Speed Internet

 Cable Modem Services  Monthly
 Residential With Skitter TV - $39.99
Without Skitter TV - $49.99
Business Bronze $65.00 
Business Silver $125.00
Business Gold $185.00 

Metro Ethernet

Services Monthly
Metro Bronze - 25 Mbps bi-directional bandwidth 1 $249.00
Metro Silver - 50 Mbps bi-directional bandwidth 1
Metro Gold - 75 Mbps bi-directional bandwidth 1 $549.00
Metro Platinum - 100 Mbps bi-directional 1 $699.00
Metro E - P2P Point-to-Point Service 1 Please call for quote
Installation - Varies 1,2 Please call for quote
Dark Fiber - Per Fiber Mile $1000 per fiber mile

Misc. Data & Internet Services

Service Description Monthly
 DNS Service $16.50
 Installation $100.00
Additional E-mail $2.20
E-mail Forwarding (per e-mail account) $2.20
Network Consulting Services Dial UP Access $150.00
(per hour)
Web Hosting - Domain $38.50
Web Hosting - Website only $15
Static IP $25

Note: Additional Installation fees may apply.

*Internet Speeds – The rates advertised portray the fastest download speed available for that package.
**One hour minimum programming.
***Hospitality Charge – This charge is treated as a pass through charge by our programmers and generally applies to bars, restaurants, clubs, etc.
****Vacation Service – Not available for periods of less than ninety consecutive days.

  1. Minimum contract may be required.
  2. Depends on equipment and bandwidth desired.