HD Cable

  • Free premium channels on all new digital installations (for the first 30 days)
  • Free vacation service
  • Free service calls
  • Digital, High Definition and Pay-Per-View services
  • Bundled billing
  • Dependable local service 24x7
  • No contracts
  • No equipment purchase
Other features include a line-up that is selected by a committee made up of local citizens. If you have questions on your service, need assistance with your account or would like to recommend a new channel, please send us an email, include your name, address and phone number or call us at 517-279-9531.

Lifeline Basic Service

Services Rates
 Residential $25.50
Bulk Rates (8 units or more)
 Senior Citizen/Assisted Living
 Motels/ Health Care Facilities and Hospitals ICB*  (varies)
 Apartment Complexes  $16.70

Expanded Basic Service

Services Rates
 Residential $67.80
Bulk Rates (8 units or more)
 Assisted Living
 Motels/ Health Care Facilities and Hospitals ICB*  (varies)
 Apartment Complexes  $36.55
 Expanded Only-Basic Bulk Paid $46.15

Digital Service (Guide, PPV, Music Only)

Services Rates
 Residential $75.75

Digital Basic Service

Services Rates
 Residential $84.50

Equipment Fees

Services Rates
 High Definition Receiver $12.95
High Definition Receiver with DVR
 Additional High Definition Receiver
 Additional Digital Receiver  $5.95

Premium Movie Channels

Services Rates
HBO Digital $19.95
Cinemax Digital
Showtime Digital
STARZ Digital $14.95

Commercial Leased Access (Channel 22)**

Services Rates
Programming for which a per-event or per-channel charge is made $110.00
(per event)
Programming more than 50% of the capacity of which is used to sell products directly to customers
 All other Programming  $150.00
 Installation (one new install [TV] or one reconnect of previously wired home)  $25.00
Fishing Wall
Additional Outlet Installation $25.00
 - Monthly Charge $0.00
 Hospitality Charge***  (varies)
 Vacation Service****  $0.00
 Service Calls $25.00 
 Reconnection Fees $10.00 

Note: Additional Installation fees may apply.

*Internet Speeds – The rates advertised portray the fastest download speed available for that package.
**One hour minimum programming.
***Hospitality Charge – This charge is treated as a pass through charge by our programmers and generally applies to bars, restaurants, clubs, etc.
****Vacation Service – Not available for periods of less than ninety consecutive days.

  1. Minimum contract may be required.
  2. Depends on equipment and bandwidth desired.


Spring Sun Outage

Twice each year, the sun is positioned directly in line with the ground-based satellite dish antennas used to receive CATV programming. This positioning causes programming interruptions as the sun's energy overpowers the C and Ku band signals transmitted by the satellites.

When the HITS Quantum digital signal is interrupted by the sun's energy, the DCT set top converter displays "One Moment Please" on the affected channel(s). This condition will be present for several minutes each day during the sun outage period, which lasts for several days. Because HITS receives some of the programming used in the HITS lineup via satellite, some HITS programming services will be lost twice during this period as HITS experiences receive outages. Additionally, the ISO data stream (OOB data), which delivers addressable commands to set tops from the billing system, may be affected during the sun outage period.