About CBPU

The CBPU has provided Electric, Telecom, Water and Wastewater services to the City of Coldwater since 1891. 

Mission Statement

"We will provide safe, reliable, competitive and efficient utility products and services. We will plan for future growth and continue to protect the environment and the investment of our citizens while meeting, or exceeding our community's needs."

Board of Directors

Since the Coldwater Board of Public Utilities is municipally owned and operated, these decision-makers that draft our policies, rates and regulations are local citizens who represent the interest of our local customers.
  • Christopher Stevens, President
    Current Term Expires May, 2020
  • Scott Ohm, Vice President
    Current Term Expires May, 2023
  • Terry Whelan
    Current Term Expires May, 2024
  • John Wellet                                                                                                                          Current Term Expires May, 2022
  • Travis Machan
  • Current Term Expires May, 2021