List of Boards & Commissions

  1. Board of Review

    The City of Coldwater Board of Review is comprised of three residents who meet to hear taxpayer appeals of the state equalized values and/or taxable values which the Assessing Office has placed on their properties.

  2. Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

    The Brownfield Redevelopment Authority City to develop and implement brownfield projects, which are abandoned, undeveloped, or underutilized properties not being developed or fully utilized due to environmental contamination.

  3. Cable Television Commission

    The Cable Television Commission is responsible for assisting citizens in resolving cable television issues with CBPU Cable services.

  4. Coldwater Board of Public Utilities

    The Coldwater Board of Public Utilities offer Electric, Telecom, Water and Wastewater services for the City of Coldwater. Learn more about their Board of Directors here.

  5. Community Development Advisory Committee

    Coldwater's Community Development Advisory Committee reviews projects to be funded by the Community Development Block Grant Fund.

  6. Construction Board of Appeals

    This Board considers appeals regarding the requirements, determinations, and decisions made by the city’s building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and fire inspectors.

  7. Downtown Development Authority

    The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) encourages historic preservation, creating and implementing development plans to promote economic growth, and to correct and prevent deterioration in the District.

  8. Economic Development Corporation

    The Economic Development Corporation encourages the economic growth of the City of Coldwater.

  9. Historic District Commission

    The Historic District Commission promotes an awareness of the community's heritage, identifies local preservation concerns, attends workshops and seminars relating to preservation management, studies public policies designed to protect and preserve local history, provide opportunities for residents to share and shape their historical legacy.

  10. Housing Commission

    The Housing Commission oversees the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program.

  11. Library Board

    The Library Board reviews and recommends long term goals, policies, and procedures in order to provide quality library services for all residents.

  12. Local Development Finance Authority

    The Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA) assists in the redevelopment and development of industrial property.

  13. Mayor

    The Mayor presides over and is a voting member of the City Council. He is the ceremonial head and chief officer of the City. The Mayor provides information concerning matters pertaining to the legislative and policy functions of the Council and gives his recommendations. The Mayor executes and authenticates documents required by law of the City Charter. He appoints members of boards and committees subject to the concurrence of the City Council.

  14. Planning Commission

    The City of Coldwater Planning Commission serves as an advisory group of the city. The commission administers the Coldwater Comprehensive Plan that sets forth the policies, guidelines and land use designations for long-range development of the city.

  15. Property Maintenance Code Board of Appeals

    The Board of Appeals shall employ the means of appeal as provided by the International Building Code, Plumbing Code and Property Maintenance Code.

  16. Recreation Board

    The Recreation Board acts as an advisory board to the Council with regard to acquisitions, maintenance, operation and use of parks, playgrounds, and recreation facilities and activities.

  17. Zoning Board of Appeals

    The City of Coldwater Zoning Board of Appeals has two primary responsibilities. The first of these is to interpret the language of the City of Coldwater Zoning Ordinance when its meaning is unclear, or when there is uncertainty as to whether the language applies to a particular situation. The board is also responsible for the interpretation of the zoning map, including questions concerning the location of zoning district boundaries.