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The City of Coldwater now handles all electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and building inspections for city property owners. Contractors and residents that wish to schedule an inspection, please contact the Neighborhood Services Department at 517-279-6964.

The intent of enforcement of all building codes is to provide and ensure adequate structural strength, means of egress, fire protection and safety and in general, provide safety in design and maintenance to all structures.

Smart planning prior to beginning alterations or construction can reduce or eliminate unfortunate and/or costly delays in proceeding to project completion.

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For those that wish to acquire a permit, please fill out the associated forms under Related Documents. All forms are fillable electronically and will be accepted via email, mail, or in office. However, applications will not be processed until payment is received. Applications and payment can be directed to:


City of Coldwater 

ATTN: Neighborhood Services

1 Grand Street

Coldwater, MI 49036

Email: [email protected]

Construction Workers Applying Roofing

Before You Start

  1. Check on Zoning, Schedule a Pre-application Meeting: Make sure your site will meet all zoning requirements. Applicants are encouraged to meet with City staff for a conceptual review meeting prior to beginning the development process. This is not required, but can provide an informal setting to ask questions and help with a smooth approval process. A site layout must be provided to the appropriate City department. Look over the Conceptual Review Meeting checklist ahead of time to get the most out of the meeting. To schedule a Pre-application meeting with the Planning & Zoning Administrator, please call the Neighborhood Services Department at 517-279-6964.
  2.  Have a Plan: A full plan indicating all aspects and functions of a project including a site layout must be provided to our department for plan review approval. All commercial plans must be sealed by a registered design professional licensed in the State of Michigan.
  3.  Apply for Permit: Building permits are issued after zoning and plan reviews are approved. An application must be completed and returned to our department by the homeowner or contractor performing the work. It is recommended that homeowners have the contractor apply for permits when hiring out a project. The permit holder will be held legally responsible for compliance with all building codes. Additional permits may be necessary to construct or alter electric, plumbing and mechanical systems.
  4. Request All Necessary Inspections: It is important to call for all necessary inspections as required by Code. At any time if you feel an inspection is needed, call Neighborhood Services to schedule an appointment. Do not advance beyond a required inspection! This may result in removal of any materials to provide access for proper inspection.
  5. Request a "Certificate of Occupancy": When all final inspections have been approved, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued. Use of any structure prior to this issue may be subject to fines.

General Inspection Groups

  1.  Footings: Permit holder must request inspection of footings before pouring any concrete. Elevation and property lines must be identified at this inspection.
  2.  Foundation / Basement Walls: Inspection of reinforcement bars and elevations must be inspected for approval prior to pour.
  3. Damp-Proofing / Perimeter Drain: Before backfill is placed, inspection of damp-proofing and perimeter drains must be verified and approved.
  4.  Rough-In: Prior to covering any structural portions of construction, a rough-in inspection must be requested for approval. All rough-in inspections for electrical, plumbing and mechanical must be completed and approved prior to this inspection.
  5. Ice Shield: Before installing shingles, notify Neighborhood Services for an inspection.
  6. Insulation: All insulation must be inspected before any framing is covered (walls R13/Ceilings R30/Floors R21).
  7. Final: All permits must be finalized prior to occupancy. This will include building, mechanical, electric, plumbing and Fire Marshal approval.

The information provided includes only a summary of items to be addressed during construction, alterations or changes in occupancy and should not be interpreted as a complete guide to all site projects.