1. Area Parks

    Check out area parks in the City of Coldwater including Heritage Park, Rotary Park, and City Park.

  2. Businesses

    Find area businesses in the City of Coldwater.

  3. Free Electric Vehicle Charging Station

    The Coldwater Board of Public Utilities makes another huge effort to embrace green technology by installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station at the curb-side of 75 W Chicago Street and offering the fill up for free!

  4. Library

    The Branch District Library was formed on May 30th, 1991, combining the resources and services of the individual Branch County public libraries.

  5. Oak Grove Cemetery

    A city’s history is most often reflected in its cemeteries. Established in 1854, Oak Grove Cemetery is actually two distinct properties separated by US 12 at the western boundary of the city.

  6. Places to Visit

    Discover places to visit in the City of Coldwater. Including area parks, the senior center, and Branch Public Library.

  7. Transportation

    Learn about the different modes of transportation in the City of Coldwater including the interstate, air, railway, and public transportation.