Learn About

  1. Building & Rental Housing

    Building and Rental Housing staff routinely inspects properties around the community for compliance with City ordinances.

  2. Cable, Internet & Digital Phone

    Find information about the cable, Internet, and digital phone in the City of Coldwater.

  3. City Assessor

    Each year the Assessor’s Office must calculate the Assessed Value of each property. In determining the assessment, the Assessor reviews the characteristics of each property, identifies area neighborhoods, and uses a sales study to analyze market values within each neighborhood, comparing the sale prices to the assessed values.

  4. City Manager

    The Coldwater City Charter provides for the council-manager form of government with authority and political responsibility vested in an elected council and centralization of administrative accountability in an appointed professional administrator.

  5. Garbage, Recycling & Brush Collection

    Republic Services and the City of Coldwater provide all of your garbage, recycling and brush collection needs.

  6. Help Desk Support

    CBPU Telecommunications subscribers are offered free local help desk support with their Cable, Internet and Digital Phone service. Not only is it free, it's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

  7. Public Safety

    Learn more about our Public Safety Departments, Fire and Police. Find out what each department is responsible for and how to contact them.

  8. Recreation Activities & Facilities

    The Coldwater Recreation Department takes pride in offering a wide variety of quality leisure and recreational activities year-round. Our activities are intended to teach basic skills, teamwork and sportsmanship, while providing opportunities for physical fitness and socialization.

  9. Utility Services

    Learn about the utility services provided through the City.